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Photographer, father, husband, and engineer.

I grew up in the Midwest, and traveled regularly to the mountains as a child. When I graduated college, my wife and I moved to Colorado to enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I soon started dabbling in photography, upgrading my equipment regularly to support my new habit. I now shoot a Nikon D750 with a range of lenses, though some photos are from previous cameras.

As an engineer by trade, I love the technical aspects of photography - blending various equipment, settings, and compositions to achieve the image I'm looking for.

Living in Denver, many of my photo trips are in the Rocky Mountain area. After a decade, there is still a ton of Colorado that I have to go see. I am constantly amazed at my beautiful state.

My wife has a great eye for composition, and I always love shooting with her - we make a great team!

I now enjoy teaching my children to enjoy the outdoors. They each have a camera, and we love family outings to hike and see the mountains.

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